Best Fortnite Dances

floss like a boss

If you are all set with your game settings and keybinds, the next logical step would be to look at good dances and emotes for your character. Did you acquire a smashing new weapon after a lot of campaigning?

Go ahead, dance a little. Did you slay an entire enemy troupe single-handedly with some new moves?

The occasion calls for a little shake over the bodies of your enemies. You can use emotes and dances to celebrate in-game victories or to get your groove on. After all, a little flamboyance never hurt anyone, especially when there are pickaxes involved!

DAB dance

Here is a compilation of some of the best Fortnite dances:

5 Best Fortnite Dances

The Floss is probably the most popular Fortnite dance move all over the world. This move was immortalized by the ‘Backpack Kid’ during the final of the show Saturday Night Live (SNL). Since then, this move has been performed by children, youngsters and even adults globally with much gusto.

It was adopted by Fortnite as the ‘Floss’ emote in its second season. Currently, this mega-popular dance move is one of the rarest emotes in the game.

Orange Justice

This a well loved emote, one that even got media attention, ‘Orange Justice’ is another dance move popularized by a young child.

The contestant who submitted this move in the ‘Boogie Down’ contest didn’t win. A significant appeal began with a large number of individuals signing it. It was later turned into an emote, and the contestant with the orange shirt at long last got his justice, crystallizing the name ‘Orange Justice’.

Electro Shuffle

The shuffle is a well-known dance move for Fortnite fans, affected by a Youtuber. It’s a quick-paced move, not for the slow movers. It’s one of the most well-known acts out in Fortnite and has been preferred by players ever since its release in 2018.

The electro shuffle has become popular with the gaming generation for its fast moves and is undoubtedly here to stay as the topmost move of the community.

Best Mates

The ‘Best Mates’ move, released in season 3 of the game is a notable Fortnite move. What makes it flawless is the music with the silly move, making even the most threatening character frivolous and inviting.

The signal truly symbolizes a move that only best buddies could invent and perform. Sadly, this emote, also though a lot popular, is not available in the game any longer.

Take the L

This move is for that time when you want to rub it into your defeated enemies’ face. Would you like to ridicule your adversaries to ensure they understood that they were crushed by you genuinely?

This emote is made for this very reason. The name means “Take the Loss” and is there to tell your adversaries only that, without saying a solitary word.


This list of best Fortnite dances will help you enjoy your game. You can take some time out to enjoy some frivolity, even during competitive sprees.