Why is Fortnite Insanely Popular?

Nintendo Switch showing its screen with Fortnite game

There are several reasons for any game to acquire the foremost place in the gamer’s mind. This provides a credible advantage to any game.

When it comes to Fortnite, numerous reasons helped it to gain massive success and be in the good books of gamers. Different sections of gamers truly like this game and keep on playing for a long time. The lifespan for this game is quite high to the engagement of the gamers.

With some of the effective features, we can deduce the reasons that make it fans favorite. These are some of the attributes that are responsible for the above cause:


For being a fan favorite, the gameplay of the game keeps an important place. In the case of Fortnite, it has an altogether different level of experience. The gameplay consists of the storyline, playing tactics and other environmental effects. All these aspects in this game are way appealing and engage the player to the maximum extent.

The lifespan of the game

Being one of the most engaging storylines that depict the combat with 100 players while surviving and combatting to same makes it a good game. The engagement rate of this pulls the gamers to give the massive time that increases the lifespan of the game. The engagement of this game is way higher and that makes it best among others.

There is also an in-game currency which allows you to pimp your characters and get better gear. This is a very fun aspect of the game.

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There are different modes of this Fortnite game. It is related to the different gaming console and portable device playing options. These options are quite appealing to the people that make it a favorite.

With this game in your gaming collection will provide the ultimate gaming experience. With these, we can conclude that several factors help Fortnite to be a game that has substantial fan following.

Best Pickaxes in Fortnite

Nintendo Switch showing its screen with Fortnite game

Fortnite is a game that needs no introduction. Even if you are not into games, you must have heard about it from your friends.

When it comes to Fortnite, the game offers you with a plethora of weapons and tools. The most commonly used tool in the game is pickaxes. There are many pickaxes available in the game which can help you in different ways. To do well, you need to use the best Pickaxes in Fortnite.

What are pickaxes used for?

Pickaxes are harvesting tool that is used for gathering resources. Although you can use it as a weapon, it is mainly used by players to collect various resources in the game. A pickaxe can evolve to get stronger.

Players can make use of pickaxes to collect resources and uses it as a last resort weapon. It is capable of 20 damage.

You can get pickaxes either as a reward or purchase it with V-bucks. It is possible that you do not have enough V-bucks to buy them.

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These harvesting tools are essential as they help you gather crucial resources. It will help if you are looking for the best pickaxes in Fornite.

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Fortnite Best Pickaxes

In this section, we will discuss some of the best pickaxes in Fortnite. If you are a fan, then you should go through the list below.

1. Moonbone

This is one of the rarest harvesting tools available in the game. This creative looking pickaxe looks like a wooden moon attached to a wooden stick. This rare pickaxe is a part of the Moonbone set. You can get this pickaxe skin from the Cash Shop.

2. Mauler

You can purchase mauler from the Cash Shop for 1200 V-Bucks. This is yet another unique pickaxe skin that comes with the rare Fuel Glider and epic Beastmode outfit. The unique thing about this harvesting tool is that it is available in four different styles.

This includes lion, jaguar, rhino, and jackal. Once you get hold of a version, you can enjoy the benefit of all the four versions, that’s because it is 4 in 1 combination. This unique harvesting tool belongs to the mechanical set.

3. Sprout

You can get this pickaxe skin for just 500 V-Bucks from the Cash Shop. Being a part of the Pastel Patrol set, it comes with pastel, rabbit raider, and bunny brawler epic outfits. This is also an uncommon pickaxe skin you will find in the game. It is one of the funniest looking harvesting tools.

4. Star Wand

With 800 V-Bucks you can get the Star Wand from the Cash Shop. The Star Wand comes with a long stick, pink in colour and has twisted ribbons around it. It gets its name from its star-shaped head. The star has a smiling face, and it doesn’t form a part of any group.

5. Quickstrike

You need to spend 500 V-Bucks in Cash Shop to get Quickstrike. This is one of the uncommon harvesting tools. It has a unique design with a T-shaped broach and a horizontal handle on the top. This unique pickaxe forms the part of the Falcon Clan set.


There is an endless number of pickaxes available in Fortnite. It would be best if you used them wisely to get the most out of them.

Best Fortnite Dances

floss like a boss

If you are all set with your game settings and keybinds, the next logical step would be to look at good dances and emotes for your character. Did you acquire a smashing new weapon after a lot of campaigning?

Go ahead, dance a little. Did you slay an entire enemy troupe single-handedly with some new moves?

The occasion calls for a little shake over the bodies of your enemies. You can use emotes and dances to celebrate in-game victories or to get your groove on. After all, a little flamboyance never hurt anyone, especially when there are pickaxes involved!

DAB dance

Here is a compilation of some of the best Fortnite dances:

5 Best Fortnite Dances

The Floss is probably the most popular Fortnite dance move all over the world. This move was immortalized by the ‘Backpack Kid’ during the final of the show Saturday Night Live (SNL). Since then, this move has been performed by children, youngsters and even adults globally with much gusto.

It was adopted by Fortnite as the ‘Floss’ emote in its second season. Currently, this mega-popular dance move is one of the rarest emotes in the game.

Orange Justice

This a well loved emote, one that even got media attention, ‘Orange Justice’ is another dance move popularized by a young child.

The contestant who submitted this move in the ‘Boogie Down’ contest didn’t win. A significant appeal began with a large number of individuals signing it. It was later turned into an emote, and the contestant with the orange shirt at long last got his justice, crystallizing the name ‘Orange Justice’.

Electro Shuffle

The shuffle is a well-known dance move for Fortnite fans, affected by a Youtuber. It’s a quick-paced move, not for the slow movers. It’s one of the most well-known acts out in Fortnite and has been preferred by players ever since its release in 2018.

The electro shuffle has become popular with the gaming generation for its fast moves and is undoubtedly here to stay as the topmost move of the community.

Best Mates

The ‘Best Mates’ move, released in season 3 of the game is a notable Fortnite move. What makes it flawless is the music with the silly move, making even the most threatening character frivolous and inviting.

The signal truly symbolizes a move that only best buddies could invent and perform. Sadly, this emote, also though a lot popular, is not available in the game any longer.

Take the L

This move is for that time when you want to rub it into your defeated enemies’ face. Would you like to ridicule your adversaries to ensure they understood that they were crushed by you genuinely?

This emote is made for this very reason. The name means “Take the Loss” and is there to tell your adversaries only that, without saying a solitary word.


This list of best Fortnite dances will help you enjoy your game. You can take some time out to enjoy some frivolity, even during competitive sprees.

Best Fortnite Keybinds

smartphone with Fortnite game in kid hands

Ninja, Tfue, The Myth, Shroud,… every rookie Fortnite player has heard of them. Every Fortnite player wants to be them. To be known as one of the greats is a cherished dream to all.

Here’s a compilation of best Fortnite keybinds to help you in your quest for game domination. Having a set of keybinds that works best for you is incredibly important, especially when playing the game at higher levels.

This is one of the Ten Commandments of Fortnite dutifully passed on to new players: build better. Your speed and accuracy in building and attacking will be determined by the level of comfort you have with your keyboard.

So read on to get more tips and the best Fortnite keybinds to improve your building skills via pickaxes and other tools.

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How to change the keybinds

The default PC keybinds for Fortnite are as follows:

  • Movement – W, A, S, D (forward, left, backward, right)
  • Run – Left Shift
  • Crouch – Left Control
  • Wall – Z
  • Floor – X
  • Stairs – C
  • Roof – V
  • Trap – Y
  • Place Building – Left Mouse Button
  • Repair/Upgrade – H
  • Rotate Building – R
  • Change Building Material – Right Mouse Button
  • Reset Building Edit – Right Mouse Button

To change your keybinds, go to the upper right corner of your screen, and click on the menu icon. Select the option for ‘Settings’ and then click on the icon that looks like the arrow keys in the keyboard.

You can change your keybinds from default to the best Fortnite keybinds from here.

Other tips

  • Detaching your mouse scroll from key commands will help you in avoiding embarrassing mishaps in the heat of the moment. It is easier to click furiously at a keyboard rather than scroll on your mouse. Most pros prefer setting key binds on their keyboards rather than using their mouse a lot.
  • It is recommended to remove any prior command on your Left Shift key, and instead activate ‘always run’ in your options.
  • Tfue, one of the best in the game, is known for his pro building skills. He prefers to keep all his building key binds around his movement keys of W, A, S, D to build whatever he needs quick as lightning. It is recommended that you should arrange your building key binds near your movement ones so that all your major moves are concentrated in one area of the keyboard.
  • Tabs and Caps Lock are two very underutilized keys. Consider setting them for your map/inventory. Caps Lock is very reachable and hence can be used easily.

A list of best Fortnite keybinds as curated from numerous players is:

  • Wall – Mouse Button 5
  • Floor – Q
  • Stairs -Mouse Button 4
  • Roof – C
  • Trap – T
  • Use – E
  • Building Edit – F
  • Reload/Rotate – R
  • Crouch – Left Ctrl
  • Sprint By Default – On
  • Inventory – Tab / I
  • Map – M / Tab (If you aren’t using it for Inventory)

Remember, you should not blindly set keybinds according to what other players use. The keybinds must be configured according to your comfort, hand size, ease of navigating keyboard etc. to help build muscle memory.

Best Fortnite Settings

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How to get the Best Fortnite Settings

One of the most popular games in the world, Fortnite has turned the tides of the gaming community. Nowadays, even if you have never played Fortnite, you have undoubtedly heard of it, from someone or somewhere. But if you are here, that means you have already started your Fortnite journey, and are ready to up your game to the next level and gather some of the best pickaxes.

To get ahead in this super competitive game, you need to create the best playing field you can for yourself. Your sensitivity, resolution etc. can be indeed tweaked manually to give you the optimum playing conditions. So read on to get a feel for the best Fortnite settings, that even the pros like Ninja, Faze Tfue etc. recommend!

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How to change settings in Fortnite

Before we talk about the best Fortnite settings, let’s quickly go over how to change them in the first place.

  • If playing on PC, navigate to the lobby –and click on the sandwich icon in the top right corner. This will open a screen for the extra settings.
  • If playing on PS4 / Xbox One, navigate to the lobby as above. Here, pressing the Options / Menu button will show you a load of different settings, while clicking on the yellow cog button will take you to the Settings page.

Best Settings

If this is your first time changing the settings, it is recommended you turn all the settings to maximum/minimum, to get a feel of the extremes. This will also help you understand the difference it makes when you apply the recommended settings.

  • ‘Full Screen’ should be your choice for the first option in your settings. ‘Window Mode’ lets you interact with other windows when playing the game, while ‘Windowed Full Screen’ lets you switch between applications quickly. As the game itself says, it is better to be playing on full screen.
  • A majority of the Fortnite pros play the game with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Some players also play with 1440p, but that is not recommended. You would be sacrificing frames for prettier effects, which is not a good trade-off for performance. So the recommended setting for ‘Display Resolution’ is 1920 x 1080 p.
  • ‘Frame Rate Limit’ will decide your game’s performance at a specific frame rate. It is recommended to fix this at 60 fps (frames per second).
  • Next you have 5 options for ‘Quality’ – Low / Medium / High / Auto / Epic. It is better to ignore these options and change the following settings individually.
  • ‘View Distance’ should be set as high as possible. In a game where seeing as much as you can is a distinct advantage; setting this option high will help you spot targets better.
  • ‘Shadows’ and ‘Textures’ and ‘Effects’ are options to make your game look better. Unless you have a powerful graphics card, setting these options high will lower your performance.
  • ‘Motion Blur’ is another purely visual effect. For competitive gaming, it is recommended off as it might make it hard for players to view what actions their onscreen avatars are taking.

We have covered some basic Fortnite settings here. You can now build a base from these recommendations.

Happy gaming!