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Our St. Louis Task Force

The St. Louis Eclipse Task force has been working since 2014 to raise awareness of the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  Our task force includes leaders from over 100 organizations such as schools, cities, parks, associations and businesses.  In 2016, we delivered more than 100 programs to area schools, libraries, cities, parks and business to raise awareness of this historic event which has not happened in St. Louis since the year 1442.

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Our Solar Eclipse Expo

Our June 17, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Expo is designed to showcase our St. Louis area plans for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. The expo will be held at Greensfelder Recreation Complex at Queeny Park located in Ballwin, MO.  The auditorium has 20,000 square feet of exhibit space which will be used to feature more than 50 exhibits by cities, towns, parks and schools, presentations by eclipse experts and activities for children.  Doors open at 10:00 am and close at 5:00 pm. You can attend for FREE if you pre-register.

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by Mark Jones, St. Louis Astronomical Society

How's this for an opportunity. Over 43 million people live in large metro areas outside of the eclipse path where St. Louis is the closest large city.  Included in this analysis are most large upper midwest cities and some from Texas.   St. Louis could be their destination. 

City and distance to St. Louis (miles):

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 Area Miles Population 
Indianapolis, IN 249 1,971,274
Memphis TN 284 1,343,230
Des Moines IA 350 611,549
Chicago, IL 360 9,554,598
Milwaukee WI 383 1,572,245
Little Rock AR 403 729,135
Columbus OH 424 1,994,536
Detroit, MI 550 4,296,611
Cleveland OH 565 2,063,598
Minneapolis MN 624 3,495,176
Dallas, TX 633 6,954,330
Houston, TX 837 6,490,180
San Antonio 910 2,328,652 
TOTAL   43,405,114

Eclipse Meeting in St. Louis

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